Your make up & shampoo could be making you sick.

I had this one patch of skin, just under bottom lip that broke out. And it stayed that way for about 3 months!!  And I never have break outs. 

So, finally I was off to the dermatologist. Turns out it was contact dermatitis. It magically started when I started using a new face serum. And that stuff was expensive, DANG!

But it turns out this happens A LOT more than we know. Make up, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, styling products and more... can make you look better but feel worse. 

From now on, I'll try and stick to the more natural side of things and be sure to read the labels. 

I'm also going to clean out my bathroom vanity and stick with one product line at a time. 

That way the next time this happens, I'll know the source right away. 

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