Signs that it is time to finally cut ties with THAT friend.

I had a friend warn me, "Some of your friendships will change.  People that you think are your friend will gravitate towards your ex. You just need to let them go." 

Of course at the time I didn't know what this meant.  Now I do. 

It's shocking really... but apparently it happens enough that it's a common warning. Trust me, I've read every article under the sun about it and this is mentioned a lot. 

But I needed to come to terms with it. 

Friendships are supposed to be supportive, bring you joy, and stand with you through thick and thin. Yes, you have ups & downs... but ultimately at the end of the day, does this person add to your life?

And while this friendship (a couple of them really...) weren't toxic. They were in fact, pleasant.  And one day they just weren't there anymore. It's started a shift in me. 

My daughter, myself, and my family are my priority. I am no longer letting the negative energy of others into our happiness. Life, work, stress... enough negativity out there. I will not accept it from friendships. 

Do you have a friendship that is taking away your joy versus adding to it?

Is it time to cut ties?

Here are some signs from SCARY MOMMY:  ***CLICK HERE*** ***CLICK HERE*** ***CLICK HERE***



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