Karen O, St. Vincent & More Put on an Epic Women Who Rock Concert

Photo Credit: Danielle Padilla

Photo Credit: Danielle Padilla

Tonight, six women took the iHeart Theater LA stage to celebrate women worldwide with an epic rock show. The live show, iHeartRadio Women Who Rock Presented by the Amazon Original Series HANNA, in honor of International Women's Day, was performed in front of a live audience as well as streamed online. Karen O, of the popular band Yeah Yeah Yeahs, opened the show performing Anti-lullaby alongside Molly Lewis, world champion whistler.

Harms took to the crowd to ask some of the women who rock in attendance about some of the women who have been instrumental in their life. One guest who identified as a "fierce Latina," says that her inspiration to one day run for public office comes from New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

"She truly is a trailblazer. She's representing the underrepresented and is creating very salient change within our nations capitol and within the rest of the nation."

The crowd was energized with an overflow of inspiration as Meg Myers took the stage next to perform Jealous Sea, Tear Me to Pieces, Constant, and Running Up That Hill. The latter, a cover from Kate Bush's original, Meg says was chosen due to a much needed conversation about the necessity of role-reversal in today's society. When asked, during a Q&A session with ALT 98.7's Tamo, what it was like to walk in her own shoes, Meg opened up about her difficulty with language and communication.

"Even though I'm very fierce on stage, off-stage I've always had a very difficult time with communication," Meg said. "I've had a really difficult life growing up. A really traumatic childhood...Although I struggle with that and anxiety everyday - through meditation and nature, it helps me a lot. I am overcoming it slowly."

One of the beautiful things about being a woman is that you can be vulnerable, dynamic, and fierce. You can be whatever and whoever you need to be.

Donna Missal took the stage next performing Girl, Thrills, Keep lying, Everybody Hurts.

Donna took a break between songs to give a short spiel about the power that women can create together. "Women need more representation, inclusion, space, and time, and freedom, and encouragement. And especially from one another I think because when we come together, the things that were capable of - it's ridiculous," she said.

"I want to see a better future for my little sisters who grew up just like me feeling like there's only a few spots for women."

Multi-talented artist K. Flay then took the stage to perform her hits, Giver, Bad Vibes, High Enough, and Blood in the Cut. The vulnerability poured out in her music although much appreciated, is acknowledged as potentially being tough to navigate as a woman wanting to earn respect. When asked how she teeters that line, K. Flay referenced the hit TV show, Sex and the City.

"She [Samantha] reached this pivotal moment where she's totally qualified and she finds out that a man is going to get the job over her because he's a man...She's feeling this injustice, she's confronting misogyny in the workplace and it's very upsetting. She makes this crazy case for why she is the most qualified competent person and starts to feel the emotion and vulnerability coming through. She runs to the elevator...no one see's her cry and she gets the job... That's sort of how I try to live my professional life."

Halsey also made a special recorded appearance to let the crowd know that it's really hard to be a woman especially a woman who identifies with an additional minority group. Check out her video below!

Lykke Li took the stage next and performed her new song Neon in honor of hew new E.p. coming out titled Still Sad, Still Sexy. She followed up discussing her company Yola Mezcal, which only employees women. "It's run by women, for women."

Talk about having a seat at the table!

St Vincent closed the show taking the stage to perform her hits, New York, Los Angeles, and Slow Disco. The Grammy winning artist has much to celebrate as she is only the 5th female to receive the Best Rock Song award. We were fortunate enough to see her close out the iHeartRadio Women Who Rock show tonight. Shout out to all of the women out there!