Watch Nick Cannon Cook Us A Tasty Breakfast In A Mini Kitchen (VIDEO)


At our iHeartRadio Summer 2017 weekend, our co-host Nick Cannon cooked up something great for us... in a mini kitchen.

The actor/comedian/businessman showed us how to make a tiny omelette in style. We have to be honest, he was pretty good at this. It can be hard for people to make delicious omelettes that are regular-sized. But, Cannon made a miniature one that looked just as tasty as any other. 

In the mini kitchen; he chopped his unions, tomatoes, peppers -- which resulted in him accidentally poking himself in the finger with the knife he was using. However, it was also a small, so no big harm was done. Next, Cannon fried his tiny egg on the tiny skillet and before we all knew it, breakfast was served!

"We have the finished project on the mini plate. Nick Cannon's mini omelette," he said. "Put it right there on the mini table for all your mini homeboys...make sure you wash your miniature hands."

Watch the funny, pint-sized cooking segment above!


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