Noah Cyrus Chats Pop Culture, Dabs & Twerks With Seniors In Miami

Noah Cyrus

Well, they say respect your elders, because they know best. And many of them are young at heart, like the seniors Noah Cyrus hung out with at the Fontainebleau in Miami during iHeartSummer '17 Weekend by AT&T. 

Noah made friends with a group of seniors in the lobby of the Fontainebleau, and decided to see just who is "Young at Heart ... or should we say "Young at iHeart"? So she asked them about all things pop culture -- including all of the dance moves that the youth of today loves (i.e. The Dab and Twerking).

Everything from the flower crown and Snapchat, to what they thought of social media in general, to their preference of Justin Bieber or Liam Payne, to tattoos, to dating advice, to terminology like "lit" and "on fleek" was discussed between Noah and her new friends. 

Also in the discussion -- their opinion of men's rompers ... AKA Romphims. The consensus? Romphims are a no.


Then, Noah moved on to dance moves ... and as it turns out, these seniors really are young at heart. They dabbed, they twerked, and dropped it like it's hot.


Stay tuned for more highlights from our iHeartSummer ’17 Weekend by AT&T at Fontainebleau Miami Beach with performances from Miley Cyrus, DJ Khaled, Fifth Harmony and many more. If you want to catch the 305 action for yourself, make sure you check out the two-day broadcast on Friday, June 23rd and Saturday, June 24th at 8pm ET/PT as a one-hour show each night. The TV special will air on Direct TV Channel 239 and Uverse Channel 1114. It will also be carried live as a national broadcast across 130+ iHeartRadio stations as well as on and in the iHeartRadio app.

Photo: Andrew Swartz for iHeartRadio


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