This Old Lady Had The Best Reaction To Bumping Into Beyonce & JAY-Z

Even though Beyoncé wasn't nominated for anything at the 60th annual Grammy Awards, the pop titan joined her husband JAY-Z in festivity at the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala ahead of the big show and their appearance resulted in a rather hilarious viral moment.

You see, on Sunday (January 28), Bey shared some glamorous photos of her and Jigga heading out to the pre-Grammy party on Instagram and one of the shots included an old woman, who appeared shocked that she bumped into the pair. With her mouth wide open, she looked stunned that she had stumbled into the powerhouse couple and you have to admit, you'd probably react in a similar fashion. Scroll on below to see all the hilarious responses to this mysterious (but oh so relatable) woman.


Photo: Getty Images


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