Kylie Jenner Came Out to Support Travis Scott in Vegas

The internet actually broke on Friday when TMZ reported that 20-year-old Kylie Jenner is pregnant with her first child. While Kylie hasn't made a formal statement about her alleged pregnancy yet, she did show up to support her boyfriend Travis Scott at our iHeartRadio Musical Festival on Saturday amidst all the rumors. The reality star was spotted hanging out backstage with longtime Kardashian family friend French Montana while he was waiting to join  DJ Khaled, Chance the Rapper, Quavo, and her (rumored) baby daddy Travis Scott on stage. 

If you look closely in the video below, you can make out Kylie standing behind her right hand woman Jordyn Woods. These two girls are literally attached at the hip. Where one goes, so does the other. If Jordyn gets spotted hanging out backstage at a Travis Scott performance, then you know Kylie isn't far behind. 


French Montana was possibly the most excited about Kylie's appearance in Vegas. He gave her a special shout out on his Instagram account moments after he helped close out the show. 


Kylie's appearance in Las Vegas isn't a formal statement about her pregnancy by any means, but the timing of this appearance certainly only adds fuel to the fire. The couple has never made an official public appearance together and Kylie's presence in the T-Mobile arena tonight certainly shows them putting up a united front. Kylie was spotted with her signature bold lips and long, black tresses as she was escorted away from the stage after Travis' appearance. She was looking casual in an over sized t-shirt, as well. 

Only time will tell if these two are truly expecting their first child together, but  if they are we so excited we got to experience the baby's first music festival with them. 

Maybe next year Travis Scott and DJ Khaled will return to the iHeartRadio Music Festival stage with Asahd Khaled and the (rumored) heir to the Kylie Cosmetics empire in tow. 


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