Daya Pours Her Heart Into Daytime Village Performance

Daya gave an incredible performance at our 2016 Daytime Village!

Per usual, Daya didn’t let us down with her amazing vocals.  Every eye was on her as she sang the first note in her hit song, "Sit Still Look Pretty". 

If someone didn't know who Daya was coming into the #iHeartVillage they definitely know who she is now. She WOW'd the crowd with everything song she performed up there! 

Daya then took the her performance to a whole new level when she headed to the piano to sing a song. She shared with the crowd that this next song was about "letting someone go who did more harm than good to you." Her song "Back To Me," silenced everyone watching. 

Nothing stopped the crowd from singling along to every word of "Don't Let Me Down," and "Hideaway," two classics of Daya's. She took the #iHeartVillage by storm giving her all on the stage! We are definitely looking forward to her album coming out October 7th! 

Photo: Todd Owyoung/ Andrew Swartz


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