Timeflies Performs Live On The Honda Stage in New York City (VIDEOS)

Timeflies has come a long way. The duo has created some absolute bops over the course of their career so far, and this year the guys have continued to do so with their latest EP To Dream.

The duo, comprised of Cal Shapiro and Rob Resnick, recently performed some of their new music live on the Honda Stage at iHeartRadio HQ in New York City. The guys performed their song "Little Bit," as well as their previous single "Be Easy."

The Honda Stage platform celebrates determined, breakout artists, and Timeflies has the drive it takes to create great pop music. The guys met while in college, at Tufts University, and even opened for Ludacris during their school's Battle of the Bands contest. Eventually, the two began creating music together, and released three albums and several EPs. On their previous releases, Cal and Rob have collaborated with artists including T-Pain and Fabolous, and this year shared their latest six song set, To Dream. The guys' new EP features songs like "Be Easy" and "Little Bit," in addition to their latest single, the title track, "To Dream."

During an interview with iHeartRadio, the guys said of To Dream, "It's been unbelievable because we started the Too Much EP a year and a half ago, and we always knew it was gonna be Too Much To Dream, so now we have the full thing come out, and to be on the "Too Much To Dream Tour," and back in New York, it's [full circle]."

Watch Timeflies perform Live on the Honda Stage at iHeartRadio HQ in New York City right here.

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