Midland Performs Live on the Honda Stage in Texas (VIDEOS)


In the realm of country music, Midland is bringing back the more traditional sounds of the genre. From Dripping Springs, Texas, the band consists of lead singer Mark Wystrach, lead guitarist Jess Carson, and bass player Cameron Duddy, and over the last year, the trio scored two big hits with their singles "Drinkin' Problem" and "Make A Little."

Midland recently performed some of their music in front of an intimate group of fans on the Honda Stage at Gruene Hall in New Braunfels, Texas. The band performed songs like her hit single "Drinkin' Problem," in addition to several songs from their album including "This Old Heart," "Check Chasin' Country," "More Than A Fever," "Make A Little," "Gator Boys," and "Burn Out."

The Honda Stage platform celebrates determined, breakout artists, which very much describes Midland. All three Midland members, Mark, Jess and Cam, grew up in different cities, but met playing music in Los Angeles in their early 20s. The first time they played music together as a trio was actually at Jess' wedding in Jackson Hole, Wyoming -- both Mark and Cam were groomsmen. During an interview with iHeartRadio, the band explained, "There was some kind of magic [that] happened, and we had to start a conversation, and six months later, we threw some money together and went out to the Sonic Ranch and cut 15 demos, that are now called the 'Sonic Ranch Sessions.' There's something very special when the three of us came together to play music. That has become Midland."

The band has played at many Honky Tonks around their hometown, Austin, Texas, including Luckenbach, Broken Spoke, and Poodies Hilltop Roadhouse. They explained, "In Texas, they book one band for the whole night, so you play for three and a half hours. And so that really built up our chops in learning covers, and being able to vet out songs that we had written, and that's where we really clocked our time on stage and became a band, a unit, and figured out what songs worked. And that was really where we were formed -- in the Honky Tonks. We were a Honky Tonk dance band. Trial by Honky Tonk fire. We still are a Honky Tonk dance band."

Watch Midland perform Live on the Honda Stage at Gruene Hall in New Braunfels, Texas right here!



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