Miguel Stuns During Album Release Party on the Honda Stage (VIDEOS)

On December 1st, Miguel marked a new milestone in his career when released his fourth full-length studio album War & Leisure, and the Grammy Award winning recording artist celebrated big during his Album Release Party on the Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio Theater. 

The Honda Stage platform celebrates determined, breakout artists, and Miguel's career is very reflective of this. Hitting the mainstream in 2010 with his debut single "All I Want Is You," over the last seven years, Miguel has taken his music career to new heights, topping charts with his previous albums, racking up a total of ten Grammy Award nominations (and has taken home the coveted award), as well as toured the world. This all leading to the release of his brand new album. War & Leisure follows 2015's Wildheart, and features 12 new songs including collaborations with artists like Travis Scott, Rick Ross, and J Cole, among others.

During his Album Release Party, hosted by Big Boi, Miguel performed songs from his new album War & Leisure like "Sky Walker," "Wolf," and "Pineapple Skies," as well as songs from his previous albums including "Waves," "Adorn," "Sure Thing," and more.

Watch Miguel perform "Sky Walker," "Waves," and "Wolf" right here!

Miguel also spoke about putting together War & Leisure. He says, "It just took a lot of vibing. A lot of just jamming. I think, more than anything, it was fun to just be in the studio and play music, until we found any inspiration." 

As for the album's title, explains of the meaning behind War & Leisure, "What more fitting title [is there] to describe what's happening right now. I guess that was it for me. It was the right title for the time."

He adds, "War is really just all of the pressure that we all deal with on an individual level. I think everybody has their own battles, we're all fighting our own war [and] our own battles just to stay in the right headspace. Looking for our own frequency, stay positive, to be productive, to keep dreaming, to have hope, to inspire ourselves and inspire the people around us. That's the war, to figure out how to do that. And leisure is when we find it."

Miguel's Album Release Party on the Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio Theater Set List:

"Sure Thing"



"Pineapple Skies"


"Told You So"

"Come Through And Chill"


"Caramelo Duro"



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