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THIS DOESN'T ADD UP: Did Putin Dissenter Alexei Navalny REALLY Die 'Acciden

Putin opposition leader Alexei Navalny has allegedly died in a Russian prison. But Glenn and Stu aren't buying the official narrative. Did Navalny really just love going for walks ... in the Siberian arctic ... in the winter ... and just randomly pass out once he got back inside? Did Putin's guards really do all they could to resuscitate him? Sadly, his death is all too unsurprising.

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GLENN: I know. Navalny, you remember him?

STU: I do.

GLENN: He was probably the most prominent opposition leader of Putin in Russia. And the Russian courts found him guilty of all kinds of things.

There were a lot of charges against Navalny. And they finally got that guy, and put him away. Can you imagine?

STU: Super legitimate legal process that led to that.

GLENN: Imagine what it's like to live in Russia. Aren't you glad you live here?

So we told you a couple weeks ago, he was taken from, I think it was in Moscow. And he was taken in the middle of the night.

Some place. His attorney didn't know where he was, for like two weeks.

Finally, they say, we took him to the Polar Wolf Arctic Penal Colony.

Now, this is a place, it's in the Arctic Circle.

And there is no escape, because you go outside, and you die.

So I didn't think, this was good. For him. You know, I don't think anybody thought, oh, well, he's going to kick back. I think there were some people that thought, he didn't even make it there. You know, somehow or another. Oh, just, he caught a cold. It was breezy in his head. They found a hole in his head.

But he was out walking -- ready?

He was out walking last Friday, in the Polar Wolf Arctic Penal Colony. Apparently, he liked to go outside and walk.

Now, does that sound like something in the wintertime, Stu, that you would recommend?

STU: You know, no. I would not.

And it's -- I'm not a fan of exercise generally. But I think this is the type of exercise you should avoid, for sure.

GLENN: Yeah. It's, again, in the Arctic Circle.

STU: Uh-huh.

GLENN: So he apparently just loved to walk outside, and they let him.

And they said, that, you know, 47 years old.

He's the guy who went after the corruption, and opulence of the crooks and thieves of Russia's elites.

And Putin.

And they said, he just went outside.

Went outside for a walk.

And then he came back in. And he felt unwell.

And then, you know, they brought him back to the cell. And he fell unconscious almost immediately.

And the prison said, quote, all unnecessary, resuscitation measures were carried out. Which did not yield positive results.

STU: You're kidding me.

GLENN: No. And I am sure they strapped electric wires to him. And beat his chest. That's not the way we would put it here.

I'm sorry. But so Putin was told about the death.

And he said, hmm.

STU: All broken up.

GLENN: All broken up.

STU: Uh-huh.

GLENN: I think he might have been a little sad.

He didn't get to throw this guy from a window.

STU: Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

You know, it's a huge shocker. That this happened.

I was really surprised.

The most surprising death of all time.

GLENN: Yeah. And I don't think anything else could be said. Except this.

When I first was told the story, I heard them say, yeah. He was on a walk. At the Polar Wolf. And I didn't know that was the name of the prison. And I just -- I misheard them. I thought he said, he was on a walk on the polar roof, arctic penal colony.

STU: And just kept walking? Forgot to take a left-hand turn?

GLENN: Yeah, I thought, that's really not -- in any way, shape, or form, you're in Russia. Don't walk on the roof.

They have a problem. I don't know if they're all slippery or what. But a lot of people fall from the roof.

STU: Imagine the balls of this guy.

In the middle of all this going on.

He has no fear at all, for any repercussions.

As to his actions of just killing people. That oppose him.

Has no -- all of the -- the microscopes that are on every one of his actions right now. Does not care at all.

I mean, it's incredible.

GLENN: Yeah, a little bit. A little bit.

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