MEDIA MALPRACTICE: Key details about New Mexico terrorist camp omitted across the board

"Jihadist Training Camp Found In New Mexico"... that's the headline that should be aggregating all over the news today. I would ask you to check out MSNBC to see how they're reporting it, but they don't find this newsworthy this morning. Imagine that. What about CNN? Their headline reads, "Children found in New Mexico compound were training for school shootings, prosecutors say."

Anyone have a problem with the way this story is being presented? Here, I'll let you decide. This is what we know, so far, about this story. Police raided a remote New Mexico property last Friday, looking for a missing boy. Now, listen to some of these details… see if there's a overriding theme here. A Georgia woman had reported that her sick son was kidnapped by her, now separated, husband. He had driven all the way to Georgia from New Mexico to perform an Islamic ritual on his son. It's called a Ruqya. Now the arrest warrant claims the father wanted to perform an exorcism on the child, but the mother said that was a translation error. So how can you screw up a word like "exorcism"?

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I'll come back to that in a second.

The alleged kidnapper's name is Siraj Wahhaj. His family has a, let's just say, somewhat of an interesting background. His father is a New York City area imam and heads a mosque there. He was also once named an unindicted co-conspirator of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. He was even a character witness for the frigging Blind Sheik in 1995.

When police raided the New Mexico property, they found 11 children ages 1 to 15. They were dirty, barely dressed and had no food or water. The house was made into a makeshift protected compound with tires and wooden pallets creating a fortified wall. Wahhaj was armed with an AR-15 and 4 handguns. In total, 5 adults were arrested. Three women, all wearing Islamic headscarves, and two men. Are you guys catching any themes here yet? I mean, maybe I'm just crazy, but Islamic extremism might be involved here… you know, maybe just a bit.

If you're being absolutely honest and not chasing an agenda, can you seriously not call this for what it is?

The Taos County Sheriff said the kidnappers were considered heavily armed and quote, "extremists of the Muslim belief." They also said that the children were being trained to perform school shootings. Oh, and that messed up translation on the word exorcism? That's actually pretty easy to explain. There is an exorcism right called Ruqya in Islam. BUT, jihadists use the same word when they pray over a sick person. Especially a Muslim that they believe is sick due to Western medicine. You know, those Crusaders and their evil modern day medicines.

Now tell me, is there any other way at all to look at this story? If you're being absolutely honest and not chasing an agenda, can you seriously not call this for what it is? This was a radical Islamist training camp, and they were looking to weaponize children to murder more children.

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