Connecticut gubernatorial candidate has echoes of Kavanaugh in his head

The paranoia from the Left about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is still soaring. The needle on the absurd-ometer is about to break off.

For starters, I don't know how many Connecticut primary voters realize this, but Kavanaugh – the judge supposedly licking his chops to get in there and take away your abortion rights – well, he hasn't been confirmed yet. The confirmation hearings haven't even started. And even if he was already on the Court, the odds are not great that Roe v. Wade would be overturned. And even if it was overturned, the odds of a woman still being able to have an abortion in this country would still be very good.

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Despite all the fairly obvious logic surrounding Kavanaugh's nomination and the question of abortion, the Democratic Party has seized on this idea that abortion is in jeopardy as their rallying cry across the country. Now Joe Ganim, a Democrat running for governor in Connecticut, says the threat to abortion is so urgent that he is vowing to protect it by amending Connecticut's constitution.

Amending even a state constitution is no small feat. In Connecticut, it requires approval from both chambers of the state legislature. And if that passes, it then requires voter approval through a referendum.

So, let me see if I'm following the logic here. You want to amend your constitution to guarantee your right to kill an unborn child just in case a judge (whom you've already determined is the enemy) gets confirmed to the Supreme Court? Okay.

Why the rush to cement the right to exterminate more babies?

Joe Ganim says, "Whether it takes two years or three years, certainly, it's worth the effort… It could take two sessions of the General Assembly." He says if he wins the governor's race in November, he could introduce this amendment as early as January.

Why the rush to cement the right to exterminate more babies? Narcissism and greed come to mind. But mainly because of Kavanaugh and the president who nominated him.

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