This one's different: Iranian people are poised to take their country back

The was the sound of Iranian protesters taking to the streets by the thousands chanting, "DEATH TO THE DICTATOR!" Not death to America and not death to Israel, but death to the dictator. Now, we've seen protests against the Iranian regime in the past. In 2009, during the Obama administration, it seemed like the sounds of regime change were blowing in the wind. But nothing ever materialized. I think dropping sanctions, bailing out the mullahs with billions, might of had just a little bit to do with that.

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But something different has been happening over the past week. The protests in 2009 were made up of mostly the youth, but young and old alike are hitting the streets today. "Death to the dictator"?? There's no Bill of Rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Saying things like that can mean your own death. But they're doing it anyway. Why are they taking the risk?

Ever since President Trump hinted that he might scrap the nuke deal, the Rial has lost 99% of it's value. It's now being traded on the black market at 112,000 to 1 U.S. Dollar. Iranians are rushing to gold dealers to save what little they have before it all comes crashing down. The demand for gold in Iran has tripled. The price of food has shot up over 50%. Water shortages are breaking out all over the country. Woman continue to be arrested for getting caught outside without a head scarf.

The Iranian people have been pushed to the brink.

The Iranian people have been pushed to the brink.

Yeah, the Iranians are pissed. They're tired of seeing all the sanction money that was freed up after the nuke deal flow to groups like Hezbollah, Hamas and the war in Syria instead of fixing their own economy. A frustrated bus driver in Iran said this via Twitter:

How dare the regime sends money to Hezbollah and Palestine when the country is in trouble. Our revolution's aim wasn't to support dirty Hassan Nasrallah (leader of Hezbollah) while we're being oppressed here. Enough.

The first wave of "snapback" sanctions went into effect yesterday, but even more sanctions targeting the countries oil industry are set to hit in November. Things are going to escalate. Civil unrest is on the rise. The Iranian Regime has been a hostile adversary of the United States since 1979. If the Iranian people successfully take their country back, that could be changing very soon.

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