Real life movie: Heist ends in jet ski escape

If you listen close enough you can hear it: Writers of the Mission: Impossible – Fallout movie are grunting in disbelief, muttering, "Why didn't I think of that, that's brilliant?" The perfect heist, theatrical and historic all at once. For one, it happened right there in broad daylight, at the 14th century Strangnas Cathedral on a sunny day, in small town in Sweden.

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Two men snuck into the cathedral somehow. According to the Associated Press, the two men stole a gold crown and an orb dating to 1611 that were made for King Karl IX's funeral, as well as a jewel-encrusted crown dating to 1625 that was used in Queen Kristina's funeral. The items were on display at an exhibition, and visitors were inside the cathedral when they were taken.

When the two men smashed the security glass protecting the artifacts, the air rung out with piercing sirens. The men, undaunted, luffed off with their unusual treasures. When outside, they hopped onto a couple of bicycles, weighed down by loot that the men packed into custom-made baskets and infant-carriers. Or maybe they just ran. Accounts vary. But either way, they made it to the nearby dock…and hopped onto some jet-skis. Yes. They literally escaped the heist of a 14th Century cathedral on jet skis.

Of course it's despicable. The reality is awful.

Of course it's despicable. The reality is awful.

Maybe movies have corrupted us—oh, but it's a lovely corruption. I mean, if you saw it all in a movie. Ugh. It's so good. I mean, as far as films go, it would almost be cliché. But, for reality? Wow. That's like something right out of an unbelievable movie. I mean. The jet skis alone, right?

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