HuffPost's article uses lies and manipulation to normalize Socialism for 'Boomers'

Communism. Socialism. Marxism. For anyone who's studied history, those ideologies are toxic, bloody, and fatal. There's a crop of young romantics who love wearing Che Guevara t-shirts to Starbucks, with tattoos of his grizzled, murderous face donned with a halo like some Spanish-speaking John Lennon. They swoon at the mention of Marxism—which is largely a consequence of the fanciful rhetoric they've been fed by beret-clutching professors who, in reality, preach about the merits of Marxism while enjoying the benefits of capitalism, having never experienced the depravity of Marxism.

As Stephen Hicks writes in Explaining Postmodernism:

Socialism is the historic loser, and if socialists know that, they will hate that fact, they will hate the winners for having won, and they will hate themselves for having picked the losing side. Hate as a chronic condition leads to the urge to destroy.

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Part of the postmodernists fight against that reality is rhetoric. Essentially, lies. They'll lie to find a way to enforce their system. HuffPost's recent article "Relax, Boomers: Socialism Is Good Now" uses strategic lying as a way to coax people into believing the nauseatingly false idea that socialism is somehow good. That's right, not just possible, but good. Of course, the article is not posted in the opinion sections—in other words, they consider it to be factual.

Check out this gem, which will likely end up in the writing manuals of your local journalism school as an example of good writing:

The Baby Boomers are the worst American generation since Reconstruction, but they had many reasons to turn out this way. The Boomers were raised in a political culture dominated by madmen, their minds warped at an early age. For decades, Boomers saw the term "socialism" deployed not to denote a set of economic policies, but to conjure a vague, foreign horror. Accustomed to this nomenclature, Boomers have reacted with fright or at least confusion to the terminology of today's American left, which has embraced the "socialist" label more widely than any domestic political movement in living memory. But the Boomers need to relax. Socialism is good now.

What follows is a puzzling, nearly unintelligible rant about the merits of socialism. Part of me wants to sit down with the author over dinner and chat about all of it till we come to some kind of understanding, but mostly I want to buy him a one-way ticket to Venezuela.

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