Yes, it was a disaster, but since when is screwing up a press conference treasonous?

The President is now home from his summit with Vladimir Putin, and the nuclear level fallout is reaching epic proportions. The New York Times ran an article titled "Trump, Treasonous Traitor." Former CIA Director John Brennan tweeted that the summit was quote, "nothing short of treasonous." Michael Moore tweeted… nah nevermind. Who really cares what Michael Moore says? I'll save you from the rest of the hyperbolic freakout. Well, maybe one more. Congressman Steve Cohen tweeted this. Quote:

"Where are our military folks? The Commander in Chief is in the hands of the enemy!"

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I don't know about you, but it kind of sounded like a U.S. Congressman just called for a coup against the president. But then again, Cohen also recently suggested that Peter Strzok deserves a purple heart… so who really cares what he says either.

Ok first things first. Yesterday's Press conference with President Trump and Putin was a complete and total disaster. Everything from - what felt like - the 5-minute rant on collusion, to praising Putin's idea of offering up his agents for questioning if we agree to give up ours, to - probably worst of all - dissing American intelligence agencies while seemingly siding with Putin. This was a disaster with a capital D.

And guess what? It's ok to admit that. If you support the President, are a die-hard Republican… whatever your affiliation. It's perfectly legitimate to call him out here. He screwed up. It's actually our duty to call him out on this. Praise him when he does something right - like last week with NATO - but criticize him when he does something wrong. To act otherwise is to feed a cult of personality mentality, and that's not making America great again.

We know you obviously don't realize this, but you're not hurting the president… you're basically guaranteeing his re-election.

But, the reactions this morning are borderline insane. Treason? A coup? Are you kidding me? The last time I checked it's not treason to screw up a press conference. If that were the case, almost 90% of every elected official since 1776 would have spent time in Fort Leavenworth. Hyperbole is one of, if not the main, reason why nobody takes the media seriously anymore. It's why the #Resistance movement is little more than a joke at this point. It's also probably why Democrats are losing their lead heading into the midterms.

Yes, the President screwed up. It's ok… we can admit that. He has a lot to answer for after this, and I believe he owes the intelligence community an apology. His follow up tweet after all the uproar began is not enough. But can we tone down the over exaggerated freakout? We know you obviously don't realize this, but you're not hurting the president… you're basically guaranteeing his re-election.

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