Glenn explains why he walked out of CNN interview with Brian Stelter

Attacks from the mainstream media and the Left are nothing new to Glenn. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that CNN's Brian Stelter chose to deviate from what could have been a productive discussion about US immigration to make personal digs at Glenn during an interview on "Reliable Sources" Sunday morning.

When it became clear Stelter was set on "playing games," Glenn chose not to give him the time of day, and promptly walked out of the interview.

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Here's what Glenn had to say on Facebook immediately after walking out:

On his radio program Monday, Glenn distilled down exactly why he took action by walking out. Stelter wanted to know why people — particularly on the Right — won't listen to the media, Glenn explained. This interview shaped into a perfect example of why this is happening.

Here's what Glenn had to say:

You want to know why people aren't listening to you? Watch your own show. Try that. But I want you to know, the reason why I walked off the show yesterday had nothing to do with the question. It had everything to do with him proving me correct every step of the way — and my time is more valuable than that.

Watch the clip below for more.

The media would rather take shots at me than talk about solutions

Glenn discusses walking out of his CNN interview with Brian Stelter.

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