The real 'War on Women' won't be found on any college campus

Feminists gather round. I've got great news for you. You won't believe it. While you've been fighting the patriarchy here in the oppressive, toxic-masculinity-driven state of the Western world, women in Saudi Arabia have themselves been fighting their own battle. Not as important as yours, mind you.

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For instance, you know how you have been fighting for the rights of transgender and non-binary people to use the restroom of their choice? Well, women in Saudi Arabia just earned the right to drive. Well, ten of them did. Ten women in Saudi Arabia can drive. Ten women out of the roughly 15 million women in the country.

The women were only allowed to have the licenses because they'd previously had driver's licenses in other countries—you know, the evil Western patriarchal societies whose gender norms are oppressive. They still have to wear the full body niqabs, though. And four of the Saudi women's rights activists are in jail for campaigning for women's right to drive. There must also be a male guardian present, as is the case for travel, education, employment, opening a bank account, having a surgery. A woman must show signed permission if she wants to travel—permission from a man. They often need permission from the man to answer the phone. Girls and women are forbidden from doing any of those things on their own.

Needless to say, feminists in Saudi Arabia are too worried about their lives to care who uses which bathroom.

They have far fewer economic rights. They have virtually no legal status. They lack education, they aren't allowed in sports. There is no legal minimum age for marriage, so young girls can be forced into a marriage.

Domestic violence isn't even a thing. Needless to say, feminists in Saudi Arabia are too worried about their lives to care who uses which bathroom. Either that or they're waiting for permission from a man to even use the bathroom. Can you imagine how Campus feminists would react if they experienced a modicum of the terror that Saudi women face? Apparently it's not something they care about.

This article originally appeared on Glenn Beck

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