California is looking a lot like Venezuela in THIS way

Venezuela and California have a whole lot in common these days. The governments in both Caracas and Sacramento are inadvertently forcing people out of their state and country in catastrophic droves. It shows the painful truth of what American Progressives and hard core Socialists have in common. They're job killers — and ultimately — they destroy countries.

From January to May, over 400,000 people have fled Venezuela. 1.8 million have left over the past 24 months. NGOs in neighboring countries report the numbers coming out of Venezuela are increasing at insane numbers. Since the beginning of the year, they report over 4,600 new arrivals... a day. That makes around 700,000 this year, and we're barely half way through 2018.

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Entire industries are packing up and leaving the country. This year alone, 48,000 teachers have called it quits and moved to neighboring countries. But it's not just teachers. Venezuela is currently seeing a massive shortage in doctors, electricians, bus drivers, engineers and oil workers. Residents are fleeing, and industry is dying.

Think about that. People escaping and industry dying. Would you ever expect to hear that phrase used to describe what's happening in an American state? The similarities between the Socialist nation of Venezuela and the progressive blue state of California are striking.

At over 140,000, California has the second largest amount of residents fleeing the state annually. They're right behind New York- their progressive blue sister state. Taxes and the cost of homes are sending people to places like Texas and Nevada. But - like Venezuela - the scariest sign for California might just be what's happening to business.

People are fleeing, jobs are leaving, and business is dying. Progressives and Socialists… destroying lives and countries one government at a time.

In the past 12 to 24 months listen to this list of companies that decided the ridiculously high taxes and massive over regulation were too much to stomach and decided to move elsewhere: Carl's Jr moved to Nashville. Toyota to Texas. Jacobs Engineering Group to Texas. Nissan North America, like Carl's Jr, went to Nashville. Jamba Juice, Occidental Petroleum, Omnitracs Software, Chevron, Waste Connections- all picked up shop and moved to Texas.

This list is actually longer, and it'll grow even more in the next 6 to 12 months. Over two dozen companies have announced they're looking into leaving California. Some experts speculate that nearly 10,000 companies have left the state since 2008.

People are fleeing, jobs are leaving, and business is dying. Progressives and Socialists… destroying lives and countries one government at a time.

UPDATE: Here's how the conversation went on radio. Watch the video below.

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