That escalated quickly: 'Roseanne' Barr-ed from the airwaves

Yesterday, ABC canceled the rebooted version of their hit sitcom 'Roseanne' after its star, Roseanne Barr, racially insulted Valerie Jarrett on Twitter. Roseanne's talent agency, ICM, also dumped her.

But here's the real newsflash about Roseanne Barr – she's always been a total nutcase.

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The only surprise about this story is that it took Roseanne two whole months to self-destruct after the new version of her show debuted to huge ratings. She's always been a ticking time bomb – the only suspense is in how she's going to go off next time.

If Roseanne had insulted Condoleezza Rice or Candace Owens – no problem. That would just be crazy Roseanne getting her kicks! But she picked on Valerie Jarrett, former President Obama's senior advisor – one of three women you don't pick on if you hope to have any sort of career. The other two are Michelle Obama and Oprah.

This is the hypocritical part of ABC suddenly growing a conscience about Roseanne. Not to downplay her racist tweet about Valerie Jarrett, but remember, Roseanne has done worse. Like posing for a magazine spread in 2009, dressed as Hitler while holding a tray of burnt, people-shaped cookies. Yeah, this is not the kind of person you would invite over for dinner. ABC knew all along what they were getting with Roseanne and they were completely fine with it. Until now.

The Hitler thing aside, there is plenty of other bizarre stuff to keep a commonsense company from doing business with Roseanne. She's an insane conspiracy theorist who believes George W. Bush orchestrated 9/11, Obama perpetrated the Boston Marathon bombing, and that commercial airlines spray us daily with mind-altering chemicals. She has called Israel a “Nazi state" and has gone on RT multiple times to spread her bizarre beliefs. She is violently opposed to U.S. banks and joked on RT that bankers should be beheaded. Hilarious – someone give this woman a sitcom!

This latest real-life Roseanne episode is a microcosm of major cultural problems. But the tragic underlying issue here is character and how little we value it.

Unfortunately, because all the buzz surrounding the relaunch of her sitcom was about how Roseanne on the show is such a huge Trump supporter, her latest meltdown will be construed as typical conservative behavior. See? Trump supporters are all kooks!

Roseanne may have voted for Trump in real life, but she is no Republican, much less a Conservative, and has never even pretended to be either one. She is proudly her own weird version of a socialist. She ran for president in 2012, first trying to get the Green Party nomination, but when she failed, switched to the ultra far-Left 'Peace and Freedom Party,' with Cindy Sheehan as her running mate. On the campaign trail, her main issues were single-payer health care and legalizing marijuana – you know, real pillars of conservatism.

This latest real-life Roseanne episode is a microcosm of major cultural problems. But the tragic underlying issue here is character and how little we value it. Both the Left and the Right now believe character only matters depending on the situation, and on whether or not their team is winning.

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