OOPS: Dems tweet photo of ‘caged’ migrant children to smear Trump — but the photo was from 2014

The blatant bias of the mainstream media has struck again, but this time they've been caught red-handed. Over the weekend, an image of migrant children sleeping in cages was circulated and used both by the media and certain outspoken liberals to smear President Donald Trump's 'cruel' immigration policies. As it turns out, the photo was taken in 2014 during the Obama administration.

President Trump tweeted his response to the fake news photo:

On today's show, Glenn Beck addressed the hypocrisy of those who are showing concern for these children now that their plight can be used to bash President Trump. But where was their concern in 2014, when Glenn and MercuryOne were highly criticized for bringing truckloads of food, water, and aid to refugee children at the border? Read more on this here.

"These photos were actually taken when we were at the border. Remember that, when we cared, when I came back and told you they were separating children from their brothers and sisters?" said Glenn. "Well, nobody seemed to care."

Watch the video above to find out more.

This article originally appeared on Glenn Beck

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