Lefty language alert: 'Hostile Designs Against Humanity' are targeting 'Unhoused Humans'

Here's one more example that progressives view the entire world as a hostile place hellbent on creating victims. First, there was the “babies must consent to diaper changes," and, now, it's the Hostile Design movement. Yes, progressives now consider architecture and city planning as legitimate enemies.

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There's a Wikipedia page, there's a well-funded, well-made website, hostiledesign.com. The site's 'About' section reads: “Hostile designs are designs against humanity. They are made specifically to exclude, harm or otherwise hinder the freedom of a human being. Quite often they aim to remove a certain section of a community from a public space. This site exists to provide a platform to raise awareness around hostile design, empower you to name and shame those involved in it and create a living archive of hostile design around the globe. Ultimately the idea is that through awareness we can dissolve prejudice, influence planners and city councils and create more inclusive welcoming public space for everyone."

The term “homeless people," apparently, is now considered a microaggression.

At the heart of it all are “anti-homeless sleeping bars" that have been put on benches. You know, to keep homeless people from sleeping on them. Hostile Design activists consider it “The crime of designing public spaces to be uncomfortable, especially as an affront to unhoused humans. Making it more difficult for someone to rest safely & comfortably in public spaces."

Just in case you didn't catch it, "unhoused humans" is the currently accepted term for “homeless people." The term “homeless people," apparently, is now considered a microaggression. Once again, progressives are missing the point entirely.

Why don't they invite these “unhoused humans" into their homes?

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