So-called experts are appalled at gender reveal parties for THIS very predictable reason

Gender-reveal parties are all the rage. If you're not familiar with these, you might be thinking it's a big celebration where a person announces their true gender to family and friends. Where everyone eats cake and toasts the person's pending sex-change surgery to become who he or she really is.

No, a gender-reveal party is one in which parents discover the sex of their unborn baby. Most of these parties include an element of surprise for the parents, family and friends in attendance, as they find out for the first time whether they're having a girl or a boy.

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Gender-reveal parties are a booming industry. Fueled by social media, expecting parents now must one-up each other in the attention-grabbing way they announce their baby's gender. Event planners in Washington DC are seeing gender-reveal parties that cost up to $25,000. Just last week, a couple in Maryland arranged for a Ferris wheel to light up the color of their baby's sex – it was pink, for a girl.

But as The Washington Post reported yesterday, some "experts" are appalled at this gender-reveal party trend. I think the experts are on to something – I mean how can modern parents be so narrow-minded to think that they can actually identify their child's gender? Isn't the modern parent's job to be as gender-neutral as possible so you don't unfairly tip the gender balance one way or another for your child?

At least have the decency to wait until it's four or five-years-old, you know, old enough to decide for itself whether it's a boy or girl. What are we, cave people? To think that we can know if someone's a boy or girl just because we have fancy medical technology. Crazy.

As The Post likes to remind us – democracy may die in darkness, but not as fast as common sense dies in progressivism.

These gender-reveal parties are grotesque. If playing Mozart for a baby while it's in the womb makes it smarter, can you imagine the brain-washing it undergoes when it hears mom & dad talking about which gender it is?

In highlighting this gender-reveal party controversy, The Washington Post also referred to unborn babies throughout the piece as babies. You expect more from a progressive media outlet like this. Don't they remember the hard and fast rule that humans in the womb aren't babies with a specific gender, they're fetuses. Where's the consistency?

As The Post likes to remind us – democracy may die in darkness, but not as fast as common sense dies in progressivism.

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