New York Magazine reminds us the Left has LOST its mind

Once again, we are being reminded that the Left has lost its mind. If the Left were a person, it'd be a ranting homeless guy throwing rocks at buildings and ranting about capitalism and infinite genders. The latest proof of the Left's descent into instability is an article in New York Magazine by Eric Levitz. The craziness whacks you from the title: The Liberal Media Can Have Ideological Diversity Without Conservatives.

Of course, most logic-guided humans realize that this premise itself is, not just arrogant and prideful and snobby, but downright foolish. Sadly, this sort of anti-logic has become standard. And, here, New York Magazine has decided to double-down on the mechanisms that allow for an ideological echo chamber.

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(Well at least they're finally admitting that the media has an overwhelming liberal bent.)

Here are some of the discussion topics that Levitz offers as samples of "ideologically divisive debates that center-left publications could host, if they redistributed some of the column inches away from movement conservatives and to democratic socialists."

Naturally, the list as consulted and bombastic as the rest of his rant.

  • Has the system of international trade that's governed the global economy over the past four decades been a force for good in the world? Or would many developing countries have achieved even more material progress — and political sovereignty — if they had pursued more nationalist and protectionist economic policies?
  • Is an adequate response to climate change compatible with the maintenance of capitalism as we've known it? Or is our choice between eco-socialism and barbarism?
  • Is the answer to the rise of Amazon, Walmart, Google, the big banks, and other monopoly economic players to return to more robust antitrust enforcement — or to embrace the economies of scale that these firms have produced, but nationalize them so that their immense power is brought under democratic control?
  • Is the Supreme Court a legitimate institution that must be protected, or is it an unaccountable, unelected legislature that abets reactionary interests?
  • Is the U.S. Constitution bad?
  • Should "do no harm" be the first principle of American foreign policy?
  • Should people be able to own ideas?
  • Should prisons be abolished?
  • Should workplaces be democracies?
  • Should we eat the rich (to save their souls)?"

Here's a question New York Magazine could ask themselves: What are they going to do about the glaring accusations of sexual abuse within their organization? It's one thing nobody in mainstream media has been talking about: New York Magazine's presence on the so-called "Sh*tty Men in Media List," a spreadsheet that women in the media had been passing around which included 70 men who have been accused of habitual sexual abuse.

So, when they post an article so smug and nasty as the one penned by Levitz, it's a little hard to take their Che Guevara rebellious stance seriously.

NY Magazine has provided safe harbor for three men on the list, whose digressions run the gambit, from "targets drunk women" to "emotionally abusive" to "gave a woman a black eye." Two of the men still work for the magazine, and one of them is their Culture editor. Obviously, the very nature of the list is contentious, and the accusations are just that: accusations. And revelations of sexual misconduct have shaken every industry, including the media. But the hypocrisy is still relevant. Something like throwing rocks in a glass house. That a news organization that prides itself on being so "woke" they don't need true ideological diversity.

So, when they post an article so smug and nasty as the one penned by Levitz, it's a little hard to take their Che Guevara rebellious stance seriously. Either way, with such snobby, self-important rhetoric, Levitz is one more revolutionary crafting the most brilliant recruitment campaign ever imagined, only he's inspiring conservatives and libertarians, who have grown disgusted with the Left.

Every time people see the madman chomping on rocks and spewing out nonsensical phrases, they realize that the person they once knew is gone. All we can do is maintain our own dignity, and let the ranting lunatic keep cursing and spitting.

This article originally appeared on Glenn Beck

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