HERE is the equation that proves the NY AG is a total pervert

I think I just "Good Will Hunting'd" the math equation on the MIT chalkboard. I've totally cracked it. It goes like this: HCP (which stands for hard core progressive) plus NY AG (which stands for New York Attorney General) equals TP. You see, I think most people were getting the math wrong thinking TP stood for toilet paper. I mean I totally get it… the New York Attorney General has a long history of supporting some pretty crappy leftist policy. But no. TP stands for Total Pervert.

Is there a secret oath that the New York AG has to take that we're not aware of? Do they publicly swear in in front of the cameras, but then slip out the back and head down into a basement taking a secret candle lit pact to treat women as sex objects?

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First it was Eliot Spitzer, but now Eric Schneiderman is the latest member of the New York AG Perv Pact. Schneiderman was accused of sexual assault yesterday by four women. It took less than 24 hours for Governor Cuomo to call for his resignation and for Schneiderman to relent.

Wait wait wait… how does this make sense? Isn't Schneiderman a noted #MeToo activist and champion of modern day feminism? Look, he even said this!

"A year before Roe v. Wade, I graduated from high school, went to Washington DC, and got a job working in an abortion clinic. I learned an important lesson at a young age. If a woman does not have the right to control her own body, she is not truly equal. She is not truly free."

Why do I have the feeling this isn't the last Progressive scumbag to be exposed in their hypocrisy?

You see?! He's implying that being Pro-Life is equivalent to making women into slaves. I told you he was woke.

Well ok, I'll admit that doesn't really jive with the language he allegedly used in private. One of his four accusers said that Schneiderman would beat her until she called him "master." He would also call his Sri Lankan girlfriend his "brown slave." But this is just the tip of the iceberg with a list of accusations that include serious assault charges. Hmm, that doesn't sound too Progressive. Is bigotry and misogyny now part of the Left's midterm strategy.

For years, Eric Schneiderman has been like a gatekeeper for the Progressive Left. He's been one of the main actors pushing progressive policy. He's also one of the leading figures pushing centrists Democrats further to the Left. Why do I have the feeling this isn't the last Progressive scumbag to be exposed in their hypocrisy? We've always known they didn't really believe all their identity politics, sanctimonious and holier than thou narratives.

It's just a weaponized narrative. A means to an end.

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