Waffle House Hero: James Shaw Jr. continues to prove why he's the real Captain America

The world needs more human beings like James Shaw Jr.

On April 22nd, the Nashville Waffle House attacker shot and killed four people. If not for Shaw, it would have been much worse. Shaw, taking a bullet wound himself, hid near the restrooms and waited for an opportunity. Retreat was not on his mind. Letting the people inside the restaurant die definitely wasn't on his mind.

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Some people run away from the sound of gunfire, but some people run towards it. Those that run towards it usually wear a uniform, but not this day. Shaw, sensing an opening, charged the would-be mass murderer and disarmed him. The killer's rampage was now over, and it was all due to an ordinary man that found within himself something extraordinary.

It's hard to imagine doing what James Shaw did. Without training, charging an attacker armed with a weapon isn't something 90% of us could do. It's so rare, movies are usually made to tell the story if it ever happens.

Clint Eastwood recently directed the movie 15:17 to Paris, telling the story of the three Americans that did the exact same thing Shaw did, but they did it on a train in France. If you've seen the movie, the scene where Spencer Stone - unarmed - charges the terrorist as he raises his weapon to fire captures perfectly the type of courage we're talking about here.

Despite every opportunity to bask in the glory, he's repeatedly maintained humility.

Uncommon valor and courage is the common virtue amongst these types of heroes, but lately, I've been even MORE impressed with how James Shaw Jr has handled himself in the media. He has every right to be braggadocious and arrogant. I mean, come on, this guy's THE MAN, but he doesn't see himself as a hero. In fact, he's said multiple times that he's NOT a hero. Despite every opportunity to bask in the glory, he's repeatedly maintained humility. On Friday, Shaw went on the Van Jones show to talk about what happened. Jones immediately proceeded to try and goad Shaw into bashing President Trump. Listen:

Could this guy get any more perfect? In this day and age, literally, EVERYONE rushes in to turn tragedy into red meat hot take politics. Even seventeen-year-old high school students. But James Shaw Jr wasn't having any of it. He defused the obvious agenda that Van Jones was leading him down, AND AGAIN he downplayed what he accomplished.

Who are this guy's parents? Whoever you are, hold your heads high. You successfully raised Captain America. Someone fire up the cloning machineā€¦ the world needs more human beings like James Shaw Jr.

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