Condi Rice welcomed Kanye’s exodus from the Left with open arms

We live in a world full of surprises. Yesterday, former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice defended Kanye West’s right to an opinion. Rice’s last major public interaction with Kanye followed his 2010 on-air assertion that “George Bush hates black people.” Here we are eight years later, Donald Trump is President and Kanye West is one of his admirers. We don’t have flying cars yet, but we’ve got that.

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Rice made the comments during an interview with Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo on “Mornings with Maria.”

Kanye West is just the latest major figure in the mass exodus of people abandoning the Left. Free-thinkers, artists, writers, musicians — all tired of the increasingly narrow-minded heavy-handedness of the Left, and they have jumped ship in droves. These days, the Left is all blame and victimhood. They eat their own — with queasy, sadistic delight — and attack any person who violates any rule in their constantly-growing book of violations.

“Being a progressive these days requires adherence to a strict code.”

Being a progressive these days requires adherence to a strict code. A code that determines what a person can and cannot say, what they can and cannot do, who they can and cannot look at, who they can and cannot admire, who they can and cannot be friends with, what they can and cannot eat, where they can and cannot go, what they can and cannot read or watch and so on. And each of those rules changes by the moment.

To many on the Left, Kanye’s departure — if you can call it that — comes as a surprise. But to anyone who’s actually existed in the real world, not the world of infinite pronouns and safe spaces, it makes total sense. And Kanye’s actions auger well for all of us, because, like it or not, Kanye West has always been ahead of his time.

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