The Fatherly Podcast Episode 23: Dad Weed Is the New Mom Wine

Weed isn’t going out of fashion. In fact, thanks to legalization and proliferation, it’s going mainstream. But what does that mean to marijuana-loving American kids? Is the age of sneaking tokes behind a Chuck E. Cheese over? Are 13-year-olds gonna be asking dad for weed strain recommendations? Will global businesses be advertising bud against children’s cartoons? The answer to all of these questions: It’s complicated (also, calm down). Krishna Andavolu, Fatherly Podcast co-host and the former host/reporter behind Viceland's Weediquette, suggests to host Joshua David Stein that the critical thing to remember during a period of THC upheaval is that normalization tends to allow practicality to prevail.

Joshua and Krishna speak about their own drug experiences as adults and as kids and then, vape pens in hand, look to Leafly's David Downs for insight into the future of getting high. What they learn isn’t exactly reassuring, but also not cause for panic. Turns out weed is kinda chill, brah.


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