Chance Perez Talks Being A Power Ranger, Solo Career, New Music & More!

Chance Perez joined iHeartRadio's EJ to talk about his new role in Power Rangers Dino Fury, his solo career and more!

During last year's KIIS-FM Jingle Ball Village performance, Chance had no idea it would be his last time performing with the band In Real Life. The band was formed on the ABC show Boy Band in 2017 and split in January 2020.

When IRL split off to pursue our own solo avenues, I started writing music immediately and getting in the studio and just experimenting on what being a solo artist meant and what kind of music I wanted to create and what I felt most driven towards. I started working on a whole bunch of songs and meeting a lot of different producers and writers and I had this small catalogue of things I've been wanting to release. Right when it was getting to the point of okay, I got the single I want to put out there, let's do this... Power Rangers came along.

Back in October, it was announced that Chance would play the Black Ranger in the new Power Rangers Dino Fury. The role moved him out of Southern California and to Auckland, New Zealand, where he will be filming the show well into 2021.

As for music, Chance says he is still working on a body of songs and is looking to release his solo music in 2021, with possibly a single by January.

Check out the full interview with EJ below!