Next Up Artist Of The Week: Avenue Beat

Avenue Beat is our Next Up Artist of the Week! They joined EJ for a virtual interview about their song "F2020", TikTok, mental health and more!

Sami Bearden, Savana Santos and Sam Backoff wrote this song "F2020" that was originally just a clip made for TikTok. What they didn't know is how the song would be so big they would end up making it into an entire song.

Literally the next day [after we posted the video] when we woke up and saw it had 5 million views and it wasn't stopping and we were like what? We just kept refreshing the TikTok feed and the views and the likes just kept coming in. So we were like huh, maybe we should finish the song and put it out.

Check out Avenue Beat's acoustic performance of "F2020" below!