12-Year-Old Food Blogger Goes Viral For His Honest & Enthusiastic Reviews

A 12-year-old food blogger is making a name for himself as the youngest person to give his opinion of his favorite foods. 

Luca Marconi, aka “Luca Two Times," has been a food critic for two years and has over 29,000 Instagram followers. 

He reviews everything from Italian dishes to acai bowls, one of his videos has gotten over 100,000 views. “Brooklyn’s Youngest Food Critic” as Marconi has branded himself, says that coming from an Italian family he’s used to having good food. 

“Every Sunday I have very good food. I’m from an Italian family and Sunday is when the whole family gathers together to have great pasta, soppressata, and bread...can’t forget the bread!” Marconi has been featured on Rachel Ray’s show as well as the Today show. 

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