Scott Disick Admits To Kourtney The Real Reason He Has Changed!


Scott Disick recently admitted to Kourtney Kardashian that he 'was really insecure' when they were dating. He opened up about not wanting to be a young dad in the beginning, but now knows his children are his biggest blessings. There's no denying that Scott has changed his partying ways, but you can't help but feel sad that it wasn't in enough time for the two to work things out! I don't know about you, but I loved them together! I know, I know, he is happily dating Sofia Richie (they're a cute couple) but I LOVED him and Kourtney together... I don't think I'm the only one. Check out some of the comments on the youtube video (below)!

R3 days ago
the way she looks at him!! i feel so bad for her, all she ever wanted was for him to be sober and a good dad, and now he is, but he's with someone else
Meme Mhomed4 days ago
I feel so bad for her when he changed he have another girl💔
jiya swtu5 days ago
The way Kourtney is looking at Scott. Phew on point.
Jan Lee2 days ago
I think this shows that kourt loves him alot that she's willing to see him with someone else as long as he is happy and also proud of who he has become.
B G2 days ago
He never wanted kids and yes he grew up but it's sad how he wasn't really there for her.

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