#LoveSomeoneWithDelilah ... Podcast with Josh Groban **Listen Now!**

Josh and I go waaaaaaay back, before he was a global superstar (but very well on his way!) His recordings have become nearly synonymous with the Delilah Christmas program; that smooth, soulful, touch-your-heart sound. It's been a while since we touched base though, so I'm so tickled to have him join me on the podcast today.

Mr. Groban has a beautiful new album that dropped last week, 'Harmony' - it includes some covers, some collaborations, and some brand new pieces that weren't originally intended for the project but came from the time Josh had in his studio during the spring's lock-down. (The incredible music that's come from this terrible situation reminds us that life is full of silver linings!)

We get to hear all about the album and all about what's going on with the one and only Josh Groban - including musings on how learning to cook and making music have several similarities! Join us!