Great Gift For The Holidays & New Year ... #OneHeartAtATime

DELILAH’S BOOK ... "One Heart at a Time" !

If you’ve tuned in to the show lately, you know I’ve written a new book, One Heart At A Time. 

It was a labor of love and became even more so after the loss of my beloved son, Zachariah, the previous year. Writing stopped for a while, but telling his story became such a pressing need that I pressed on, finished the book, and created a new chapter just about him. But the book is more than that. This is my story and my plea. The world is facing some trying times; we are more disconnected and lonelier than ever before. How do we change it? One. Heart. At. A. Time. 

I share this new body of work with you, and hope that you'll not only enjoy it, but that it will inspire you to join my One Heart At A Time Movement - reach out and help me change the world. All that's needed is love and a heart that is willing to serve.

Buy it here.