Gearing Up For Garden Wars 2020 | Plant A Victory Garden!

Gearing Up For Garden Wars | Plant A Victory Garden!

I shared this on my Facebook page a while back … and it’s a great idea for your Garden in 2020!!!

I think it relevant today, not because of war-time food shortages, but because there is an increased interest and very real concern about the food we eat and feed to our families.

It doesn't take much land to plat a garden that will supply you with an abundance of wholesome, organic food; pesticide, herbicide, hormone free and non GMO!

I hope you're inspired to do so! Now is the time to start planning.

Check with your county extension office for a wealth of information and helpful advice on prepping and planting a garden in your area.

This is a lovey family activity that teaches so many valuable lessons and is also a great deal of fun ~ Happy Growing!

Write to Producer David, by clicking or tapping here, and tell us all about your garden plan for 2018!