Remembering 9/11 ... and Spreading HOPE as BRIGHT as the Towers of Light

(Photo Courtesy of Pat Coburn)

Producer David here, sharing this September 11th Week with you.  Our good friend Pat took this photo, under the gorgeous moon-lit sky, of the Towers of Light, while visiting the 9/11 Memorial Site ... what a beautiful photo.

We are honoring and remembering those we lost on that terrible, terrible day 20 years ago ... from New York, to Washington DC ... to Pennsylvania .... you are in our hearts today & always.

Hope is very much alive - let it shine bright in your homes and hearts tonight. 

As you've heard Delilah say on the airwaves tonight ... we are encouraging you to message us with your stories of hope, love and more all night long. You can do so, by clicking or tapping right here:

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