Three Things On One Day

So today has 3 designations

1) National Day of Prayer

2) National School Walkout Day

3) Pi Day

So I was thinking...let's combine the three.  Since you are leaving school, why not attend a church service?  Now I know I will catch some heat for saying such a thing as people just need  a reason to be angry these days.  It's a suggestion, not a mandate.   I truly believe that the only acceptable emotion these days is "outrage"  We've forgotten that people have a right hold their own beliefs, voice their own opinions, and live their lives in a manner of their own choosing.  If you want to have a discussion about gun laws, religion, poverty, politics... that's fine.  Let's talk, but if feels unless we "talk the loudest" we cannot make our point.  You may not change someone's mind, but maybe you can better understand where they are coming from.  We dig our positions in the sand and refuse to budge.  "My way or the highway" is the mentality.  With us or against us.  You wonder why there is such gridlock in government...because one side refuses to work with the other.  It doesn't matter if the idea is a  great one, if it came from the other side there is no way it can be supported.  I like being "In the middle."  I can listen to both sides and determine which ideas make sense, and maybe find a compromise between the left and the right.  It's a tremendous power struggle and we're all caught in the middle.  Lord Acton said "Power Corrupts; Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely."  Anyways, I feel as though I've jumped around several topics and probable made a ton of grammatical errors so I should probably wrap this up.  

Oh...I forgot the third day...Pi Day.  No one fights or argues when pie is available.  I will take 3.14 pieces of Coconut Cream please.

Dave Taft

Dave Taft

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