Because They Are Making Me Do This

So my boss came to me and said “you need to do two 300 word blogs posts everyday.”  I was like “300 words…I’m not into writing novels.”  He said “it’s not all that much, it’s like a short term paper.”  So ok, I’ll write something that’s just like I did when in school.

So I woke this morning and was very, very, very, very surprised to see so, so, so much snow.  I told my wife how very, very, very, very, very happy I was that I did not have to shovel it as it was going to be so, so, so, warm today that it would probably melt before I get home from work.  When I got to work today, I found out I had to write not one, but two 300 word essays.  I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to write about, so I thought the details of my day so far would have to suffice.  I was also told I needed post a picture with my essay.  I’m not sure exactly what I am going to post for a picture, I just needed to make sure there is no copyright on the picture to avoid getting sued.  For the record I am now at 210 words, only 90 more to go.  So anyway, back to the picture…this is the one I took of my daughter this morning.  For the record I did not MAKE her scrape the windows…she asked if she could do it.  She was doing great until she decided to scrape the paint too, because it had ice on it.  So anyway to make a long story short (I know too long already for that) I will be attempting to string 300 words together every day from now on because I have to. DONE.

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Dave Taft

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