Tips For Finding A Job Post-Covid On 'How To Money'

On this episode of How To Money, Joel and Matt talk about whether or not more stimulus funding will come our way in the next few weeks, the importance of cord-cutting so you can save money on your cable bills, and where to start looking for work as the country slowly reopens. Cord-cutting has hit a record high, they tell us, because a lot of sports bars, hotels, and restaurants are getting rid of their paid TV services. It’s something we all might want to think about because “we aren’t getting what we paid for, right?” Matt points out. Just like bars and restaurants, most people hang onto their cable service to access live sports, which aren’t happening right now. Cutting the cable might be a great way to save a couple hundred dollars a month. Then you can spend more money on home improvement, “one of the only segments of consumer spending that has increased” in the past few months as people find the time and energy to landscape, do small fixes around the house, or go ham with a full renovation.

The news about more stimulus funding is that it isn’t news yet; the initial $2 trillion CARES Act package has yet to be fully disbursed, but already the House of Representatives passed an additional $3 trillion package with more checks for American households and additional small business assistance. However, this new package has yet to pass the Senate, so the future is a little unclear at this point. However, the guys assure us that they’ll keep us posted on that front. In the meantime, it might be more pressing to look for employment as the country starts to reopen and rehire. But with a 15% unemployment rate, looking for a job might be extra-challenging with a lot of competition. 

The guys’ advice? Don’t just stick to the big name job search sites like Indeed, Monster, or LinkedIn. These are called “horizontal job sites” because they span multiple industries, and with so many people looking to get back to work, there’s no telling if their systems will be able to withstand the sheer number of applicants. “Vertical job sites,” or sector-specific hiring sites, might afford you better options. Since they’re specific to your industry, the application process is more streamlined, and you’ll probably hear back from a potential employer more quickly. They shout out several sites like Qwick for hospitality workers, Hired for software engineers, and Heroes for retail jobs. It’ll still be a jungle out there, they caution; there’s no telling how many people businesses will be able to rehire or how industries will have changed post-Covid. But with a sector-specific job site, you’re more likely to find something that works for you. Listen to this episode for more great info on How To Money.

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