Rex Brown says "I'm In!" for hypothetical Pantera tribute tour

Bassist Rex Brown says that he is up for a hypothetical tour celebrating the legacy of his former band, Pantera, with original vocalist Philip Anselmo and guitarist Zakk Wylde, standing in for the late guitar icon Dimebag Darrell Abbott.

Brown made the comment in response to comments made by Dimebag’s longtime girlfriend Rita Haney, indicating that she’d "definitely" be in favor of Anselmo, Brown and Wylde taking on such an effort.

Brown took to his Twitter to write: "I wanna make sure that ppl understand what I'm about to tweet.. It's not up to Rita to say what will happen, only what Philip & I say...I'm in!! Dig?!?!?"

Zakk Wylde claims he’d be down with it, too, saying: "It's more of a tribute and a celebration. You can't replace any of these people I'm talking about — they're all legendary guys. But, yeah, you're just celebrating all their achievements — that's all."

This idea has been kicked around for a while, but a major caveat has been the feud between late Pantera drummer (and Dimebag’s brother) Vinnie Paul Abbott, who indirectly blamed Anselmo for Dime’s onstage murder in December 2004.