How Corey Taylor's toxic marriage fueled new Slipknot album

SLIPKNOT singer Corey Taylor says the band's sixth album, "We Are Not Your Kind", was written while he was forced to figure out who he was following his recent divorce, without relapsing into substance abuse.

"When I got out of that relationship, it was euphoria at first because it was hard. I had done everything I could to make it work. Getting away was so freeing and there was a real sense of happiness for a second. And then the repercussions of that relationship came back on me. And I realized that I had a lot of issues that I had to figure out for myself, physically and mentally. I had to reexamine what made me happy.

To get rid of this emotional bile that I had been choking on for a long time and this sense that I wasn't good enough for anything, I needed a SLIPKNOT album. It took letting that out to realize that I had been through hell. And maybe that's why I feel okay now and I can listen to this album and say, 'Jesus Christ.' There was a lot that needed to be said. I hope everybody enjoys it, because it was hell to live through."