Tom Morello says there's unreleased Audioslave music in the can.

RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE and AUDIOSLAVE guitarist Tom Morello has revealed there is a stockpile of Audioslave material, featuring late singer Chris Cornell, but there aren’t any concrete plans to do that just yet.

"We'll figure it out at some point, but there's a lot of records worth of stuff that didn't get released... There's a few of my favorite AUDIOSLAVE songs that just never fully saw the light of day, so hopefully they'll come out with something. We had talked about it when Chris was alive and we thought there will be the right time to put it out. Now I don't know that there's ever a right time to put it out, but there's no reason that it shouldn't come out at some point."

Audioslave disbanded in 2007, but briefly reunited for a short set at an event protesting the inauguration of Donald Trump in January 2017. Morello later said that he and Cornell had discussed doing more AUDIOSLAVE shows before Cornell’s death four months later.

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