'Grand Warlock' of Mexico Issues Forecast for 2021

A colorful self-proclaimed clairvoyant in Mexico known as the country's 'Grand Warlock' has issued his forecast for 2021. Much like his fellow prognosticators around the world, the start of January is the proverbial busy season for Antonio Vazquez, who holds an annual gathering in which he shares what he envisions for the coming year. By virtue of his striking appearance and bold predictions, the purported psychic's yearly announcement of what is to come over the next twelve months is a popular event in Mexico, where it garners considerable media attention.

And so, as is tradition, Vazquez reportedly took to the stage last week to share a bevy of predictions for the new year. According to the Grand Warlock, the coronavirus "starts to be mastered between May and June, but it doesn't end this year." To that end, he ominously warned of a "second pandemic" in the form of widespread financial difficulties facing people around the world due to the slow economic recovery. For those seeking more specific predictions to test Vazquez at this time next year, he also predicted that the Summer Olympics set for Tokyo will once again be postponed and that this will be announced at a press conference in February.

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