Fenn Treasure Finder Breaks Silence

An individual who appears to have been the person that found Forrest Fenn's legendary treasure has broken their silence and shared details about the remarkable experience. Calling themselves simply 'The Finder,' the mysterious treasure hunter penned a lengthy blog post at the website Medium in which they reflected on the eccentric art dealer's recent passing and provided some insights into how they ultimately determined the location of his elusive riches. The writer also included several never-before-seen images of Fenn inspecting the recovered cache which would seem to confirm that, indeed, the author was the one who discovered the treasure.

Although the finder did not reveal the exact location where the riches were found, they explained that they deduced the area by figuring out where Fenn wished to die, since the creator of the chase had long said that he hoped to be buried with the treasure, and then "it took me many months to figure out the exact spot." Specifically, the writer said that they "spent about 25 full days of failure looking for the treasure at that location before getting it" and mused that the moment in which they solved the mystery "was not the triumphant Hollywood ending some surely envisioned; it just felt like I had just survived something and was fortunate to come out the other end."

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