Watch: UFO Spotted in Background of NBC Nightly News Segment

An attentive viewer watching NBC Nightly News earlier this week spotted a curious cylindrical object zipping across the sky in the background of a segment. The intriguing moment reportedly occurred during Monday night's broadcast as the program was detailing how the Navajo Nation has been struggling with a water crisis as the same time that their community is being ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic. As reporter Cynthia McFadden discusses these issues, a Native American woman is shown playing a drum with two fairly large white clouds in the sky behind her.

The scene takes a strange turn when a peculiar white object suddenly emerges from one of the clouds, flies in a straight line through the clear blue sky, and then vanishes behind the other cloud. Were it not for a viewer who spotted the strange scene and reported it to MUFON, the proverbial UFO sighting likely would have gone unnoticed by the world at large as it lasted only a few seconds. Check out the video and see if you can figure out what NBC Nightly News filmed at the Coast to Coast AM website.