Watch: Stranded Sailors Saved After Searchers Spot 'SOS' Signal in the Sand

A trio of sailors who wound up stranded on an uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean were rescued after authorities spotted their 'SOS' distress signal on a beach. The three men had reportedly gone missing shortly after departing from an atoll in Micronesia back on July 30th. When they did not arrive at their intended destination, which was a mere 27 miles away, concerns were raised and a search and rescue operation consisting of forces from Australia and the United States commenced looking for the lost sailors.

Fortunately, the country of Micronesia is comprised of thousands of small islands and, as such, the men were able to land on one of those lonely land masses after their boat ran out of gas. In a testament to the vastness of the ocean, the spot where they came to rest was a whopping 118 miles away from where they had originated. Upon realizing that they were stranded and in dire need of help, the trio fashioned a fairly sizeable 'SOS' signal on the beach.

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