This Week's Weird News 7/10/20

A 'lake monster' filmed in China, the solution to a mystery surrounding a puzzling substance spotted on the far side of the moon, and an Australian driver who fended off a venomous snake while cruising down the highway are among the strange, unusual, and enlightening stories to cross our desks this week.

A mystery that made headlines last summer was finally solved this past week when scientists in China announced that they had determined the nature of a curious gel-like substance spotted on the far side of the moon by the Yutu-2 rover. Speculation surrounding what the spacecraft had stumbled upon back in July of 2019 ran the gamut from the prosaic to the fantastic. While some hoped that it could be some kind of evidence for alien life, an examination of the oddity using the rover's spectrometer determined that, alas, the anomaly was a breccia, which is a type of rock consisting of various mineral fragments fused together from extreme heat.

This past week saw a pair of weird mysteries emanating out of China pop up in the news, beginning with a village where residents had become troubled by an ongoing phenomenon in which eerie and inexplicable sounds echoed throughout the community for days. Suspected of possibly being a harbinger of doom, the creepy cacophony was ultimately traced back to a tiny bird that produces a powerful and particularly haunting mating call. Meanwhile, in the central Chinese city of Luoyang, people visiting a pond were stunned to see an anomalous form emerge from the water. Footage of the oddity spread like wildfire on social media in the country with many branding the unidentified denizen of the deep a 'lake monster.'

One of the wilder stories we've heard in quite some time emerged out of Australia this week where a motorist was forced to fight for his life when a highly venomous eastern brown snake appeared in his truck as he was speeding down the highway. Unable to stop to the vehicle because the creature had wrapped itself around his legs, the understandably distraught man fended the striking reptile off using a knife and a seat belt before eventually killing the animal. Certain that the snake had bitten him, the driver proceeded to take off for the nearest hospital, but was stopped by police on the way. After sharing his incredible story with the cops, an ambulance arrived on the scene and, fortunately, medical personnel determined that he had not been struck by the deadly creature.

For more odd stories from the past week, check out the Coast to Coast AM website.

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