Survey Finds 61% of Americans Want the Government to Declassify UFO Files

A recently conducted survey regarding UFOs found that a whopping 61% of Americans would like the government to declassify its files on the phenomenon. The poll, conducted by the research organization Piplsay, asked for opinions on the subject from a rather sizeable pool of 30,741 people living in the United States. Inspired by the news that the UK government is preparing to release another batch of files concerning UFOs, the group first asked the American respondents if they'd like to see the same thing happen here in the United States. The response to the question was overwhelmingly positive, with 61% saying 'yes,' while just 27% were negative on the idea.

Other topics addressed in the survey included whether or not the US government "actively investigates extraterrestrial life." To that inquiry, 58% indicated that they believe this to be the case as opposed to 25% who did not. With regards to the question "what do you personally think of UFOs," 27 percent said that they are real, 25 percent argued that they are misidentifications, 9 percent opined that they are hoaxes, and 5 percent answered that they are delusions. Indicative of the enigmatic nature of the phenomenon, the most popular response turned out to be 'not sure' with 34 percent.

More results from the survey at the Coast to Coast AM website.